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Restoration and Refurbishment

Repainting and Operational Overhauls

see also: Part Replacement and Double Glazing

see also: Reinstatement and Full Replacement
Sash Window Refurbishment


  • Prepare site by covering floors with protective film
  • Cover furniture, beds etc. with plastic sheeting and fresh dust sheets
  • Erect pole system to isolate windows with internal polythene screening (space must allow)
  • Dismantle windows
  • Prepare and make good box frame and sliding sashes
  • Apply 3 coats of Microporous Acrylic Paint to box frame and both sides of Sliding sashes
  • Check Pulleys, free off and lubricate
  • Check weights and rebalance, if necessary
  • Re-assemble windows including new polyester cords
  • Provide and install new retaining beads incorporating integral brush pile draught-proofing
  • Fit new parting bead to head and rout brush pile to meeting rail of lower sash
  • Complete by making good pin holes, cleaning glass and fitting a new suite of window furniture including security and safety stop bolts.


Part Replacement
Part Replacement
Full Replacement
Full Replacement
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